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nativetrees wrote in unr
I doubt anyone will respond as this community is sort of dead, but it's worth a shot.

I'm from Boston, going to UNR. As I'm all the way across the country, I haven't a chance to check out the campus in person (not yet, anyways). I'm curious to what the campus looks like, so if you have any pictures of it (and also preferably indoors as well), I'd appreciate it.

On a side note, I am thinking of living in White Pine. I am not particularly a "partying/drinking/smoking/flashing my boobies for all to see/etc etc" person, and after researching that Nye and Argenta are the loudest halls, they're out of the question for me. So for anyone who lives in White Pine or has been in it, what is it like? Do you like it? Do you like your roomies/are you guys close-knit? I'd also love some pictures too if you got some!

Gracias in advance and I'm looking forward to going!

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I lived in Nye, Argenta, and White Pine. White Pine was definitely my favorite of the three. It's a suite, so there's 4 bedrooms (8 people), 2 bathrooms, and a living room. It's a great experience if you make friends with your suitemates, I'm still friends with many of the people I lived with.

No dorm is particularly "quiet" and it usually depends on who lives around you. We had guys above our suite that liked to play basketball in the living room at midnight. It just happens.

Thanks! You wouldn't happen to have pictures of the dorm would you? :P

Nye and Argenta as the "loudest" halls is a misconception. I'm willing to bet you won't give two shits about whether or not your neighbors are "partying/drinking/smoking/flashing" people when you get to your Argenta room and turn on your very own air conditioner and use your very own shower.

That said, White Pine is not necessarily a quiet hall. Technically all of the dorms are "dry" dorms for people under 21, the only difference is that you're not supposed to smoke cigarettes if you live in White Pine, either. I'm sure, however, that there are more coffee makers per capita in White Pine than any other hall.

As an out-of-state student, you should prepare yourself for the very likely situation that you will be the only one you know paying for school. The Millennium Scholarship gives Nevada high school graduates a free-ride to any Nevada college (O, the selection!) if they meet a minimum GPA requirement. Also, you should know that everybody at this university will know almost everybody else from high school in one way or another. Prepare to become intimately familiar with the spiderweb of social patchwork that connects everybody in either a Las Vegas network or Reno network. Many times these overlap into a meta-network where everybody is connected and your spell in Reno will be dedicated to filling in the holes to realize that everybody in this town is connected to everybody else in usually far less than six degrees.

The campus is impressive and handsome. There are some odd architectural choices, which mostly seem to vibrate empathetically with the feeling of existential malaise that is often the bane of post-adolescence. Manzanita lake can be especially picturesque, in a strangely disingenuous way.

Manzanita Lake right after a snowfall

Morrill Hall

School of Mines

The campus rarely looks like this, but these are all the photos I can find at the moment. All four seasons are impressive here, though.

Definitely take a tour if you can! Southwest flies directly into Reno, and since we're a casino town you can definitely find someplace cheap to stay.

I came from California (the third network that dontbeakakke left out ;)). Seriously, though, people are from all over. We've got a fair smattering of Hawaiians and Alaskans, and a lot of people from Japan start every summer (there's some kind of exchange I think) since going here is cheaper than their in-state rates.

White Pine just got a brand new TV in the common area (called the Fishbowl)'s really big, and something our hall council campaigned for in '05 but I digress. I absolutely LOVED it in White Pine. I was in the RA (Resident Assistant- they're in charge of programming, information and if you do something wrong, discipline) suite, so I only had 6 other roommates, but I think 4 of them had their own cars, so I never had to take a bus ANYWHERE! Which was nice, for sure. Also, there's a "satellite gym" downstairs that you can use to work out in 24 hours a day and never have to leave the building. I seriously miss that!

I thought WP was much quieter than Nye. In Nye, you've got the communal bathrooms so there's much shouting up and down the hall just because people are passing each other, plus the hall is completely enclosed, so voices kinda echo anyway. You get the same effect in Juniper since there are enclosed halls and common bathrooms there too...and Lincoln and Manzanita are historically quieter because they're 24 hour quiet halls.

In Argenta,if you put a microwave and mini-fridge in there, you never have to leave! You've got your own bathroom and everything. Argenta is SO self-sufficient right down to the dining common (DC) and DC Store downstairs, that I wouldn't hesitate to say that your interaction with others depends on you. Of course, things are different in the summers, and that's the only time I lived there full time, during the school year it's probably pretty close though.

Now to make your life REALLY confusing. This is a picture of White Pine and surroundings I took from my summer room in Argenta last year. The bridge crossed Virginia St, and means you don't have to wait til you die of old age for the light. The blue and brick building is White Pine. If you think THAT side looks like a Motel 6, just wait till you see the side facing Lincoln! ;) I like to joke that the best thing about living in White Pine is that you don't have to look at it. ;) I kid, I's got a fantastic sense of community that I don't think any other halls have.

The right-middle, behind white pine, poking up slightly is the tippy-top of Lincoln. Also in this picture are Mack Social Science (brick with white vertical detail...the 60's looking one), Virginia Street (or Old) Gym (left middle, behind White Pine), Reynolds School of Journalism (little one with green roof) and the College of Education (big building with green roof). As a freshman, you could have classes in any of these buildings. White Pine/Lincoln (together called "Whipple") is the closest you can live on campus. Manzanita/Juniper ("Man-Jun") is down the street a little bit. Sierra Hall is across the street from them, and Argenta, Nye, and Canada are on the other side of the street (hence the bridge).

^Just click the link because I'm apparently html 'tard today.

*phew* That was a lot. Any more questions? Feel free to ask! This community really needs a bit more life.

Click on "tour White Pine Hall"...the pics are kinda small but give you a good idea.

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Wow thanks so much! And don't worry, I'll be visiting the school soon, during the summer when I move.

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