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Is there life in Reno?
wileyone wrote in unr

After a couple months here in Reno, I’m missing something. I’ve found popular bars to drink in, favorite casino’s to gamble in, and good trails to hike, but I feel like I’m a tourist. Where is Reno’s vitality? After previously living in these places, I crave them. Where in Reno are:


1.) the community theatres, with cheap tickets (<$10), local artists, original plays, and wild caste parties! 

2.) the poetry slams and artistic venues for poetic discourse, dramatic releases, humorous outlets, and vagabond travelers sharing their talents. 

3.) the independent restaurants, with original ambiances that prove corporatized cardboard environments offer only a cookie-cutter uniqueness. 

4.) the hole-in-the-wall concert venues, where garage bands strive for recognition, while enjoying their youth with rock-star lifestyles. 

5.) the dive bars, with strong cheap, drinks and a youthful clientele drinking away the capitalistic servitude with inventive shots, table dancing, and after-hours hookups. 

6.) the gamer hangouts, where strategy and unconventional creativity is only hindered by the disorienting presence of attractive women. 

7.) the artist venues, where creativity is illustrated, not just on canvas, but in fashion, body art, and lifestyles. 

8.) and of course, the late-night diners, with geeks ranting about movies, politics, and religion, with drunken and disorderly bar-rushes sobering up while getting to know the new acquaintance from the local meat market, with late-night regulars that help themselves to coffee and soda, and with the awesome servers that sit at your table to escape the conceited demands of self-righteous customers to stingy to leave a dollar.  

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There's always Starbucks.

Kidding, kidding. Well, I can't say that the places I've been in Reno fit these to a T, but there's more than corporate establishments here, if that's what you're saying (and that is indeed what you're saying).

Awful Awful (inside the Golden Nugget, near the Reno sign) fits the late-night diner category nicely with large portions at affordable prices, and Dreamer's Cafe (by the river, on Virginia) is enough of an independent restaurant to make you rethink the brand-label stuff. I'm fairly certain a community theater is near Dreamer's (has a Peter Pan statue in front, if I recall).

I'm not sure about the rest. If you DO manage to find a gamer hangout other than the casino arcades, please tell me.

lol, you made me cringe!!!!

I let you know if I find anything!

A little late, but:

1.) Cheap movie tickets FYI: $3 theater at the Grand Sierra Resort. Another fun, but still ~$10 is the drive in movie theater during the summer time. I believe it is called El Rancho. As for live local theater I know of Bruka Theater. I have enjoyed everything I have seen at the Pioneer Center, but that is nowhere near less than $10. I hear TMCC puts on some great shows.

2.) I have seen a few spoken word events at the Record Street Cafe before. I would also suggest checking out a Who Cares? show in Reno sometime or at least find them on MySpace. If I remember correctly I heard about a lot of things through them.

3.) There is always Pneumatic Diner for vegetarian fare. The Dandelion Deli is also vegetarian and super good. Rawjuvenation is raw vegan food which I haven't tried but heard was tasty. Beach Hut Deli has delicious, but kind of pricey sandwiches as does Deli Towne. Um... Blue Moon Pizza? Blind Onion Pizza? Pirates Pizza? I have also heard that Stone House Cafe is amazing, oh, and Rose's Cafe.

4.) No idea. The New Oasis is the only venue that is still open that I ever used to go to, but they are usually for larger shows. If it were five years earlier I'd suggest Arkaik, which is now the Underground which still has shows occasionally.

5.) I heard Shea's is divey, but other than that I'm at a loss. I recommend Ceol, the new Seven, St. James Infirmary (on a slow night), Red Rock, and Foxy Olive--which might fit into your divey category.

6.) God. I wish I knew.

7.) Pneumatic Diner always has a revolving show on their walls and their employees.

8.) Mel's Diner, Gold and Silver, and, as stated before, The Little Nugget for Awful-Awfuls/amazingly greasy/tasty breakfast foods.

Probably way too late, but just in case

Option 1 - Heroes Store (google it) - A gamers store... I think one of the last in Reno.

Option 2 - Meadow Wood Mall - Saturday 12p-8p, Tuesday & Thursday 6p-10p - has the current schedule and locations.

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