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UNR Questions
aliciacoco wrote in unr

So I am attending UNR in the fall and I believe in the summer. I have to do the FRESHMEN START, cause my SAT english is too low. I have a couple questions. Do I have to do advising for classes cause it says I have a freshmen advising hold, so i cant  sign up for my classes.

Also are there any clubs or activites I should join or not join? Any apprael like clothes or items that are must have in Reno/UNR?

Also Im from California and I am a little worried that I might stand out or not fit in with the crowd, is there anything I could do to fit in?

Also what classes or professors I should avoid?

What fun classes should I do?

How is dorm life? I might live in argenta or white pine, or nye

The tutoring programs do they help?

This maybe asking a lot but I would really appreciate the insight for my future


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