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Why did you decide to go to UNR? Is there any other reason besides it being in-state? Why did you choose it over UNLV?

For any Living in the Dorms...
Does anyone know if there is anyway to set up an internet connection (other than puchasing a separate subscription) to allow internet gaming in the Argenta Dorm?

From what I hear, no gaming is allowed on the network to 'conserve bandwidth' and I was wondering if there was a separate network I could connect to for game purposes.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Apartments and Jobs
Dr. Strange- Pensive at window
My boyfriend is going to be a graduate student at UNR in the fall, and hasn't really started looking for an apartment. He doesn't have a car, so he wants something close to campus. We've been to apartment sites but none of them really do a good job of telling us what places are actually the closest to campus.

We've seen the apartment listings on the unr site, but they are rather undetailed as to what he'd actually be getting from them. I might move in with him after I graduate this summer, so we don't want student only housing.

We don't know the area at all so, if you could just drop the names of a few of the apartment complexes close to campus, those websites might make a little more sense to us.

Also... do you think a non-student(with a BA) would be able to find a decent job close to campus?

Reistering for classes.
Nicole Grace
Hey guys! I'm about to register for my first semester of college classes. :) Anyone have any suggestions before I start scheduling classes? Also, out of curiosity, does anyone have any recommendations for English 101 professors? I'm excited! See you in August. :)

(no subject)

I know that this will probably luckless but I felt I should at least try. I have a room for rent in North Valley area. The room is 12x12, large closet, venecian blinds, cable plug. House has a huge back yard and large front yard if you have pets. Can be painted whatever color pending approval from myself. One bathroom to be shared with two females. House is fully furnished. Rent is $350, plus a third of utilities, but is possible negotiable.

I would prefer a female college student or professional as a roommate. At the time of lease, I would like first and last months's rent up front, plus a cleaning deposit to be decided on.We are two long-time friends, very friendly and clean. We love to read and watch movies. We are very easy going. We would like a roomate who is responsible, clean, and respectful of our space as we will be of theirs.

The room is available now so if anyone is interested, or knows anyone who is, please let me know.

Girl Scouts COOKIES!
I'm sharing this because as midterms approach, we all need a little crack er, motivation. I loves me some strawberry pinatas. Anyway, here's where to find your 'dealer'!

Campus Girl Scouts of UNR and Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada
Girl Scout Cookie Sales

Wed. Mar, 8th from 11:00am-1:00pm and 3:30pm-5:30pm on the JTSU Lawn

Thur. Mar, 9th from 3:30pm-5:30pm on the JTSU Lawn

Wed. Mar, 15th from 11:00am-1:00pm and 3:30pm-5:30pm on the JTSU Lawn

Thur. Mar, 16th from 3:30pm-5:30pm on the JTSU Lawn

The Cookies are $3.50 a box.

Come support the local Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada and The Campus Girl Scouts of UNR.

I'm going to UNR.
Nicole Grace
I had my on-site admission today. :) See you all in fall 2006! Heh. I'm pretty excited! Just thought I'd share since this community is a bit dead.

Is this a paradox, or is it just stupid?
I just got an e-mail in my UNR inbox about the college doing "State Socials." At these little shin-digs, you can meet people from your home town or home state and possibly make some bonds. You could even win some fabulous prizes! YAY! There's one catch, though: you're required to send an RSVP to the address provided so they can tell you when and where the social is to take place.

...So I'm supposed to agree to go somewhere before I know when the social is and if I can possibly attend? Nice.

You see, this is why I don't like these e-mails. They give you all these little draws, and the events sound genuinely interesting. Sure, a pizza lunch sounds great! I wouldn't mind learning how to protect myself against robbers at night. Learn about how to keep your dorm smelling clean? Sign me up!

Oh wait. I have class then, along with most people in my age bracket. Or, like the above example, I don't know if I'm free, so how can I RSVP to something I'm unsure that I can attend? Yeah, I can cancel if I see I can't make it, but that's an additional e-mail I have to write.

Sorry that was a bit ranty, but I can't stand how they seem to disregard how students plan their schedules. Am I the only one who feels this way?

New Girl
Hello, all!
My name is Leah and I'm planning on attending UNR next fall as a major in Psychology, minor in Photography. I'm really confused as to what exactly you should be doing in preparation for college... Um... my current GPA is a 2.8 with a SAT score of 1460 - do I have a shot at getting in? I live in Las Vegas, NV...
Um... Yeah... Also, what are the rules as far as religions go? Are open flames not allowed anywhere on campus - even candles? Is the psych/photo program good there?
Thanks for your time!

Amateur tennis or racquetball at UNR?
cat prin
I'm looking for someone who would be interested in playing tennis or racquetball once in a while at Lombardi. I used to have a halfway decent game, but I haven't played in almost 15 years. Definately looking for a partner who isn't that good, but enjoys a little exercise and wants to improve on their game.


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